Show trucks, the nostalgia of Custom Rides

Yes!!  I know!!  Show Trucks are a huge thing in the States!!!—-  Who couldn’t love the Chrome, Lights shining, Custom Paint, Custom Build-outs, and the ever elusive Chicken Truck–albeit—-with the Super Trucker!! Show trucks—can be pricey—Paint jobs that cost $80k-150k ——-Custom Fenders built by your favorite customizer—–$8,000 Nostalgia and Respect for pulling it off—-Priceless!! Subscribe […]

How to buy a Semi, for long term profits

Long Term profits with a truck is a hard one for a lot of fleets.  Long term means, the owner should over the course of the remaining term of ownership,-  be able to operate the truck through at least a OverHaul, and another 500k half a million) in miles……..I know guys that have done 2 […]

Taking the questions out of maintaining equipment properly

Maintaining equipment and how to do it without the question of what is going on, is really as simple as going back to the basics.  Yes, you remember, the first walk around you ever done completely and by the book?!!!  You remember—-Oh the only one you ever did up to this point…….Damn, at least, be […]

The Different Types of Trucking

We all understand that trucking is the heartbeat of any location in the world, due to the simplest of facts!  The simple fact that; no matter where a product or supply of needs/goods/equipment/food, ect. are needed; it all begins and ends with trucking in even the most simplest of forms.  Now, with that being said, […]

Internet and the industry

I am certain you all see the effects and affects of the Internet to our industry.  Even though we are known to behind certain curves of innovation.  One thing is certain, the Internet is changing the industry in leaps and bounds. Qualcomm has been a pioneer of the truck tracking and electronic abilities of the […]

Buying trucks at auction, Inspecting for Quality

Ok, ……. You have heard buying a truck at auction, is the best buying location for the best deal.  Value of the dollar, savings right!  You will have to buy it out, at auction close, in full.  With either your cash, or through immediate funding from some source. Yes and No! Yes, if you know […]