My Idea for a Nationwide Banking Firm for Transportation

Strategically, I foresee a network of Banking both Online and Offline, located beside or at least close to Truck Stops; which could be utilized to assists with parking for the Bank, but also provide ATM services to our direct Alignments for the future development. Giving Safety of Banking to the Industry and Service needs of those who make our Industry the best in the world.

Teaching the Public, Driver Education

Parents with teenager’s, know they want their kids safe, secure, and healthy.  However, when it comes to teaching the fundamentals of the operation of a vehicle; even the parents are not sure who what when and where they should start and finish with the education and proper operation of a vehicle. So many do not […]


Do I really need to say what has been a massive IMMEDIATE NEED, trucker’s are wanted now days?!?  From Headlines on WSJ, and LATimes, to the backyard and county registries, we all see the massive media attention, for the need for qualified operators in the Trucking Industry.  All this mass hysteria, is the drive and […]

2 stick mack interior

Dispatching for the Assets

I am not some road scholar, but someone who just gave a fuck…How in the hell did I make it this long in such a cut-throat business——Your guess is as good as mine!?!  In life, I promised myself I would always be me—–never compromising the values of a time long gone.  Where every man or […]

Extra Earning Ideas, and How to Follow the money

**NOTE–what you are about to read is the forethought, however, I am in no means giving anyone legal nor retirement advise; I am merely trying to educate people that are potential profiteers for their future…….whether it earns or learns or does what ever—-always follow the rules when working on the road……if it is required to […]

15 things to do while I deliver freight

Like everyone who travels.  I have some favorite things I always tend to find myself doing in different areas of the country.  My favorite spots, local eats, and sometimes just out right ridiculous things they say don’t do, but we go see what they are talking about anyway.  National Parks and Historic Landmarks-  when growing […]

As Seen On Quora

Published in a Quora Digest issuing: The Question asked was, “What is it like to be a truck driver in America?” The Answer Given, Click Here!   Tell us what you think!  Comment Below and let us know whether you Agree or Disagree.  Be sure to share this and Spread the word to the Industry…. […]

Team operations within a semi

Team operations within a truck, are where the operators are both drivers and operate more on the 24 hour schedule.  One typically sleeps, while the other drives.  These operations tend to move 1000 plus miles over night, they are considered an expedited service, and turn above average rate returns if properly utilized. Doubling the crew […]

Some Things told to me over my driving career

Ok, I can admit that I am not the easiest person to get along with, nor do I care.  Those that know me, understand me within reason, and know that even though it may not be liked, I am known for just not holding back.  Oh don’t like it………suck that thumb some more, and call […]

LTL, how these loads work and practices

LTL freight is a ballgame, that if properly performed, can be an extremely profitable, and simple to manage.  If done wrong, can create a nightmare, and a headache too big to drive to hospital to fix.  What is LTL, and why do you need to understand the game?  Simple, because running cheap freight to get […]

Packing list for all new drivers, recommended things to always have available

Alright, you got your CDL, and your heading to your truck.  Get in, put in your bag, and check everything before cranking up to leave out.  This is what I recommend to have in my truck, before Pretrip, and Warm up, for every trip, always on standby. Rand McNally Road Map Trucker Edition Tool box, […]

Why truckers should look into safety and DOT field positions

The one’s that know me, know, that if someone would say that shit to me, it wouldn’t be fun anymore for them.  Not a fucking chance.  Nothing against either, but each one and his own. However, for those drivers looking to stay in the industry, serve the public, and desire to put your knowledge of […]

Responsibility versus Liability

Liability is to the public.  Responsibility is to the one controlling the load. The responsible party is the one signing the bill of laden on behalf of the liable company. When a driver picks up the load, he is signing he is responsible for the load and all it’s contents, from one location to another.  […]