My Idea for a Nationwide Banking Firm for Transportation

Strategically, I foresee a network of Banking both Online and Offline, located beside or at least close to Truck Stops; which could be utilized to assists with parking for the Bank, but also provide ATM services to our direct Alignments for the future development. Giving Safety of Banking to the Industry and Service needs of those who make our Industry the best in the world.

Dispatching the Art of Trucking

What is dispatching? dis·patch alsodes·patch(dĭ-spăch′) tr.v.dis·patched, dis·patch·ing, dis·patch·esalsodes·patched or des·patch·ing or des·patch·es 1. To relegate to a specific destination or send on specific business. See Synonyms at send1. 2. a. To complete, transact, or dispose of promptly: dispatch an errand. b. To eat up (food); finish off (a dish or meal). 3. To put to death summarily. n. 1. The act of sending off, as to a specific destination. 2. Dismissal or rejection of something regarded as unimportant or unworthy of consideration: “[his] breezy dispatch ofanother Establishment fiction writer” (Christopher Hitchens). 3. The act of putting to death. 4. Speed in performance or movement. See Synonyms at haste. 5. (also dĭs′păch′) a. A written message, particularly an official communication, sent with speed. b. An important message sent by a diplomat or an officer in the armed forces. c. A news item sent to a news organization, as by a correspondent. (Source: The Free Dictionary- Dispatching) Just to have a second definition: Inducement paid by a vessel operator to a shipper, consignee, or chartrer for completing the loading/offloading operations in less than the allotted time. Also spelled […]

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International Fuel Tax Agreement

IFTA- International fuel tax agreement—is a collective agreement between Canada, and Lower 48 States to Collectively manage and agree to administration of the Commercial Vehicle between states—–without impeding trade and commerce.  Simplification to a centralized hub, to monitor Self Govern on behalf, and require. This is the set Agreement and government approval to centralize the […]

First thing I teach to Driver’s about Dispatching

Guys come and say all the time, “No Name, why do you say this——or why teach this_____ first?”  Usually, trying to get someone to see from the other side of the business to where they are needed, and how that corresponds—-typically fall the same lines in the past as it will in the future………….You must […]

Management of the Fleet:

  Management of the fleet:  An inside look- Fleet managers Dispatchers– Their job is the guys they are managing —-needs of the drivers, trucks, and their coverage.  Something happens-Dispatch carries out finding the people who get the trucks back moving-  With the ELD this is one good thing.  They have precise location and view points […]

Team operations within a semi

Team operations within a truck, are where the operators are both drivers and operate more on the 24 hour schedule.  One typically sleeps, while the other drives.  These operations tend to move 1000 plus miles over night, they are considered an expedited service, and turn above average rate returns if properly utilized. Doubling the crew […]

LTL, how these loads work and practices

LTL freight is a ballgame, that if properly performed, can be an extremely profitable, and simple to manage.  If done wrong, can create a nightmare, and a headache too big to drive to hospital to fix.  What is LTL, and why do you need to understand the game?  Simple, because running cheap freight to get […]