Oh, my ….. Talk about a good time!!

That steam rollin’, papa bear, done wore this ol lizard out……..



So for this post I got a viewer email, asking me some dirty secrets.. so ……

Viewer Asks:

Mrs. Lizard Lisa,

Being you do not seem to be offended with the Lot Lizard title for Madmothertrucker…….Will you please tell me the following answers:

A)  Is your preferred method to sale that ass CB, or do you prefer to get regulars who call you when they come through?

B)  What is your opinion on your average customer who uses your roadie services?

C)  Over the years, what surprised you the most about our industry?


Roadhead junkie


Well Roadhead Junkie, That is a hell of a questioning for someone I just was introduced….however I think I remember you, you are that guy that likes the “golden Shower Service”  where all the colleagues can see your sick little head get treated like the dog you are…………but no worries that will be our little $10 extra kicker secret……

A)  Regulars are always preferred, CB produce work when I gotta pound one down for some smokes and a beer.  But, Regulars will always take care of me the best.!!! Aint that right, Papa…….=)

B)  Average- 65% are married, 80-92% are divorced at least once.  Most just want some company to talk…..however, noone ever turns down a good hummer!! Toothless or not!  15% are couples, lesbian, or straight looking for a good time with the Lot Lizard Lisa Guarantee good time or your money back…..Ok the money back was BS…..!!

C)  How big a lot of yalls mouths are, but how tiny them balls are.


Until next time…..


Lot lizard <Lisa


Good Night!

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