Truck Driver Training for Driver’s by Drivers

The industry is good about having “on the job” training.  The carriers utilizing this type of paid training, is one of the best training an individual can get.  This requires the driver to be supervised, operating, under experienced supervision, and taught the realistic operations of truck driving. 3 months minimum, in a truck operating with […]

Every company is the same

“Every company is the same, it is just a matter of who’s bullshit you are willing to deal with.”  These words were spoken to me by my closest mentor, and friend.  That one sentence, made more sense to me, after hearing it from time to time, over a period of a few years.   Obviously, I […]

Why truckers should look into safety and DOT field positions

The one’s that know me, know, that if someone would say that shit to me, it wouldn’t be fun anymore for them.  Not a fucking chance.  Nothing against either, but each one and his own. However, for those drivers looking to stay in the industry, serve the public, and desire to put your knowledge of […]

Buying trucks at auction, Inspecting for Quality

Ok, ……. You have heard buying a truck at auction, is the best buying location for the best deal.  Value of the dollar, savings right!  You will have to buy it out, at auction close, in full.  With either your cash, or through immediate funding from some source. Yes and No! Yes, if you know […]

Responsibility versus Liability

Liability is to the public.  Responsibility is to the one controlling the load. The responsible party is the one signing the bill of laden on behalf of the liable company. When a driver picks up the load, he is signing he is responsible for the load and all it’s contents, from one location to another.  […]

Alligator on the shoulder-1

Operating safely in today’s driving environment takes time, patience, and knowledge.  Safe operation on the public roadways is a challenge all on its on. Even with all the challenges it is not impossible. The electronic log device mandate, with hours of service rules, the government is actually creating the shortage by the regulations that are […]

Lumpers, Service Provider Spotlight

Service Providers are an essential to the trucking industry, in all forms.  A Lumper is a service provider, seen at multitude of locations.  They can be at Cold Storages, Warehouses, Grocery Distribution Centers to name just a few.  These service providers are typically, outside owned, contracted for a period of time, 1-5yrs, with the owner […]

Different types of carriers

Carriers come in only two types, Private or Public.  Private runs only their product for their business operations.  Public Carriers transport goods for the general public, as a vendor of services for compensation or hire, Inbound or Outbound via land between two locations at the customer’s request.   ***However, just as a note:   public carriers, […]

Trucking company defined

What is a Trucking company?  Well just from basic knowledge we understand that it is a business, that services the transportation of goods or people.  However, let’s really understand what a Trucking Company actually is or can be……. 49CFR 390.5 The term “for-hire motor carrier” as defined in part 390 means a person/company engaged in […]

Driver’s and the actual realities of responsibilities

Responsibilities in the industry, are a mile long.  Insurances these days stop many driver’s from moving to ownership of small carriers due to the excessive costs of Operating as a independent.  Add in the additional cost for equipment, regulation, fuel, maintenance, plus many more, which causes wannabe owners, who could potentially add- positively -to the […]

A different breed of Driver

Drivers are not a dime a dozen!  You cannot mass produce, us Salty Ass Road Dogs!  Too many four wheeler driver’s don’t need to be on the road, cause they do not have a clue what it really take to operate the vehicle they paid or are paying for with a Lender. Believe that shit! […]

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions are being used within the industry…. I am not a fan, and to me this Automatic, is not as efficient as the standards that typically are used for the trucks. Takes the fun out of the drive, for myself…. This does open up the job to those who, “can’t drive a stick,”.  Opening […]

Not your typical business

We smoke, We cuss,  and Everyone of us are drivers with more than 5 yrs under our belt, most average career length is 26yrs and we all have some fun doing our joy, note we don’t have JOB’S.  Building fast as we can move, then dragging owners in our direction. We do shit cause we […]

America would starve

I am a huge fan of Smokey and the Bandit, Glamorization of a former glory.  CB Radios were the latest technology and they gave all the ability to communicate amongst the professional drivers.  Brotherhood that is mostly heard, but never really seen unless intended. A lost civilization of loners who find their path traveling as […]