I am a huge fan of Smokey and the Bandit, Glamorization of a former glory.  CB Radios were the latest technology and they gave all the ability to communicate amongst the professional drivers.  Brotherhood that is mostly heard, but never really seen unless intended.

A lost civilization of loners who find their path traveling as the gypsy with only the map and purpose guiding his move, in search for the better life for his kids, and an easier path.  Arriving home, to a quiet, and somewhat distance from the roadway of unrelenting and disheartened ideals about a people unknown, but essential to every individual and town across the country.   Without the men and women of the Trucking industry, America would starve.

Image the one industry that keeps the driver driving until he can no longer enjoy the business.  That costs so much to operate, if you do not have knowledge of the business and all the rules, you can quickly go out of business from improper practice and procedures, in fines alone.  Not to mention experienced drivers along with the new blood, cashing and causing fines and tickets from Dot authorities.  Lets not even get me started on the low wages on freight, and unprecedented lack of driver camaraderie that at least will stand together for the future business.  Take from the ones who got tired of being passed over that knows the business better than the owner.  Who had to pay to learn even though they have more miles under their belt than most of the ones driving.

Congrats, you see today’s Trucking industry.  Eroding and eating itself from within destroying through burden that the primary freight guys only  pull about 30% of the business, the other 70% is pulled by everyone small or just starting out.  Struggling with revenue, Payment, Low wages, and trying to make a dream on the same carriers rates paid out at a 30% profit margin for being a broker.  You say it pays you more, however, it only takes a few loads, from other customers with same load types, that they were cutting 10-15% off top and then selling you on the 70% of that balance.

Welcome to the industry and the reality.

Don’t believe me.

No Need, Stay here in these pages as I tell you the industry truths on every topic I can think of on the industry that I grew up in.  I was 5 yrs old picking up those 1” impacts taking tires loose, have re-grooved more tread than those that know what re-grooving treads even means.  I remember the first guy who let me drive around the shop, to try and get a reaction from my dad, solo driving with his friend in passenger seat saying he can’t see me…….get his attention with horn pulling out like you do with the car going home……Yes I drove from about 8/9 is years old, never once was any one of us nor my grandpa worried about being pulled over.  We ran a farm business, and I was needed, so I learned everything by the tractor wheel, and my grandpa and uncles and dads shirt tales.  Hard work is the easy part, it’s the stay in the game and then coming back for more punishment, which is the hard part.

Early wake up, ok……Coffee from house, a bit of grandmas cooking, at 6, Morning dew smell fresh, with liquid gold on the ground, as it was called to soften the realization of manure from cows, because we were out the door going with grandpa at 630, -7 if there were a few extra helping kids, or full family was onsite.    However, no matter the thought of fresh morning cow patties resides with you, Granddad said multiple times, “It’s the best smell, because he knew he was still in business another day.


Not sure what to think…..Its ok


Im’a MadMotherTrucker………and wear my patch proudly, so that they realize, to the forefront, and say we need a better way to protect the people we serve daily and have a responsibility to our industry for the very nature, necessity, and survival.

Lets help guide ourselves and our up and coming from the down trodden nature of the industry, and build with the ones who desire a better future and integration for the professionals coming into business, and those looking toward higher ranks and positions for the company future.


In the end, I give two fucks your opinion because This business is a part of my blood.  I seek to better a business model by finding drivers  help with the knowledge, and training with each management position.  This solid business with insight from this one common principle of success to further your life and everyones success, not just the driver whom is the asset but the burns out from the deterioration of consistent overlooking, disregard, and lack of any respect for what we do, for the millions that we service daily.


The Guides written here are my copyright and my way of fixing the Industry, that is the most important for the people that are involved within and rely upon for their lively hoods, and for the lives that they do not know any faces to be that traveling saint .  Primarily here and via the brothers and sisters on their Steel Horses they ride.   My one promise, is I will leave this place better than when I found it, because the way I found it and way it has pursued, is what has destroyed itself from within.

To our Industry, and a Brighter future.

One MadMotherTrucker USA

“No Name”2017


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