Operating safely in today’s driving environment takes time, patience, and knowledge.  Safe operation on the public roadways is a challenge all on its on.

Even with all the challenges it is not impossible.

The electronic log device mandate, with hours of service rules, the government is actually creating the shortage by the regulations that are continuing to pass, all in name of the public interest.  These mandates to have a device that cannot be falsified, supposedly, would require drivers to follow all rules of operation, give automatic notice to carrier, and customer instantly to check on the location of the load being transported by carrier and each truck, would allow fleet managers to manage 50-150 trucks, at any given time, by computerizing and automating this process, for both parties automatically.  Instant communication with driver and carrier operations, helping manage the co-ordination and logistical necessities of all on the electronic log devise system, assisting in every users upper management through the data collected from the fleet logs of each carrier.

The ability to instantly communicate during the operation is dangerous…..it DOES distract drivers.  I give two shit’s, ……one, …………..two, ……….if you say otherwise.  I have used them, and know the industry, been behind the wheel, ………..I had a Laptop, Cell phone, Fax, and Printer in my truck with me.  Having to stop to take a call, or have a note pad at the dash to write info down to get to another driver, while receiving confirmations, having signed, returning, contacting next stop, while having customers call me on the cell every 10 minutes cause they knew one of the trucks were in the area, and didn’t know they were interrupting another customer from Miami, paying a bill enroute, a fuel deduction made by a driver 5 minutes ago came through, and that empty trucks were contacting to see where they go.

The hands free devices do help, I guess…if used properly.   Well, at least it does help.

GPS devices are bringing steering wheel holders to the seats of the trucks daily, automating the ability to read a damn map to non-existent amongst the professionals,  however allowing continuous operation without the need for maps, and knowing your route, and upcoming routes, to successfully deliver to the destination.  Good tool if needed, however, all things in moderation.  Quit relying on them, and quit relying on the directions on that Electronic Device.


Good Trails, Long nights, and Clear Sky’s


Happy Travels



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