Drivers are not a dime a dozen!  You cannot mass produce, us Salty Ass Road Dogs!  Too many four wheeler driver’s don’t need to be on the road, cause they do not have a clue what it really take to operate the vehicle they paid or are paying for with a Lender.

Believe that shit!

Some of us, just have it in our fucking blood, good or bad, better or worse.  We like the open highway, and our steel horses, no matter the breed.  I guess some of us are fucking gypsies.  Wonderers of society….

Become a ol’ Salty Ass, takes time.  It ain’t done over night.  We learn and grow.  Mentored by our fellow riders, to better ourselves and the industry.  The ol’ heads, Asphalt Eaters, if you will, teach us how to be the best we can, no matter the load.

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I remember the first lesson I learned from this Salty mother fucker pulling bulk loads out west coming into Reno.  “What you haulin’ in that fridge, since we had been riding a while with Noone around.” He said.  Me, being the Eager Beaver to listen to more of his story of why he was pulling that cheap as load, chimed the mike, and paused for a few minutes, then un-keyed my cb mike.  Keyed back up, and said “Sir, to be honest with you, I can’t tell you.”  Which was true, due to the nature of high value high risk pharma-load,  that was in my trailer.

He keyed up without hesitation- “Boy, listen to me!  Don’t do that shit again!  If anyone ever asks you that again and you can’t tell them, just come back and say toilet paper or some bullshit noone really cares about until it’s needed.  You never know who is out listening to our bantering in the middle of nowhere. ”

That shit never happened again… I felt like the stupid fuck who had no clue.  Which I was, at the time fresher,  that steaming shit in the morning frost.  At the bottom, trying to get right and I fucked up….  Lesson learned.

A lot of us, get fed up.  We get tired of the mike after mile for some cheap freight, loss of our family, being took advantage of, no being paid for our freight that we booked, being ran out because we refused a $1 a mile when we knew market was minimum $2 a mile, or treated like a dog at a Warehouse when we go in to sign our documents in the cage that was made to house us.

Drivers themselves are a different breed, as a whole.  However, if a motherfucker hurt your feelings when you spoke to him, he is probably, a different breed of driver, and no longer gives a fuck your opinion.  It was for a reason.  They didn’t hurt your feelings for no reason.  It was something you needed to learn.

Shit, different breed of drivers, are the ones that say, “Yes Sir, it can be done.” Then they make it happen.  They are the reason customers that actually do know the drivers; will stay with a piece of shit, just profiting- not knowing how big of a stupid fuck they make themselves look like.  I have first hand seen, companies go out of business, once I left.  Seen first hand one guy who had 5 trucks running, and 5 motherfuckers who were Saltier than the damn Salt Lake, and couldn’t make someone like them if they tried; put a hurting on a Big Carrier, so bad, charging more fucking money per mile, that they offered to partner on a brokerage just to help this guy move the loads.  He wouldn’t sell out when they offered him so stupid money.  They couldn’t figure out how this small ass guy, who barely had a pot to piss in, hurt their company so bad, by charging more money.


Steering Wheel Holders, need not apply, you are a danger to our industry, one of the reasons rates stay low drivers are really paid shit for wages.  An Embarrassment to our fabric of the industry.  Either get on, and make this a better industry, or get the fuck out.  Quit helping these motherfuckers who don’t give two shits about the one’s that are making the money for them.

Be a different breed of driver!

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