Every magazine, since I could read a descent one about finance and investment, claims to have the answers for every single situation that may arise for the future of each and every individual. Well, this article is not that. To be honest, I refuse to do that.

However, what I will do is tell you what I have found that works, without a single doubt, for the people that I know whom personally use these techniques. These are not an end all be all, but merely stepping stones for driver’s to grow into what works for them.

These are the smart investments that every driver, in today’s world, can do to build and grow for the future after the driver’s seat. Let’s face it— retirement from this business comes sooner than later.

  1. Yourself- Investing in yourself, is always going to be my number 1. Without you, learning and growing– you will never get anywhere. Once you take those necessary learning blocks, and have faith in your ability— You will prosper– but YOU must be the first step. If this step is not there, you will not grow into any of the following.
  2. Real Estate- This is one of the top wealth builders in the world. Even when you see businesses and investors in any other sector– they always have some base in Real Estate. Whether it is finance holdings like securities— Mortgages, Tax Deeds, ETF’s– or Physical holdings in any sector like residential, commercial, industrial.
  3. Securities- Another popular investment– these include Stocks, Bonds, financial instruments, even non-traditionals like secured and unsecured notes or finance instruments. In my opinion, if you want to invest in stocks and bonds– or anything like that is to learn by doing, such as paper trading stocks and bonds–or calling the financial instrument buyers that say hold thousands or millions of dollars in managed investment products— It may take 50-100-1000 calls to get one to talk and answer your questions: however, those that do will be worth their weight in gold, and may just help you find the mistake made; or teach you that one thing that makes you thousands more in profits on the next investment with the same funds invested.
  4. Business- Whether it is a side hustle– or full time business ran like a trucking company you own– this is a zero-sum; no holds bar world. Some people like and others wish to work and invest through other areas.
  5. Internet- Since the inception of the internet people have been enthralled with the lure and enumeration of the “internet fortunes.” Everyone has heard the ads and may have bought a few courses on how to make your passive millions online, without customers, inventory, and a few bucks….hell; you don’t need to know how to code– However, lets make no mistake– if it was easy everyone would do it- However, the internet gives you enough free information that you could learn the business; and grow that bank account for your computer even from the cab of your truck.

No matter the choices you take and make, My personal choice is to treat it all like it is my business. Reality is If I don’t treat it like my business –NO ONE will. I always take that importantly, because WIN, LOSE, FAIL, or anything in between is always on the person that it matters. NOT the ones that have anything from advice, to trying to sell you anything. That choice always remains with those whom it matters.

Remember Invest in yourself, and the other things will fall into place.

To Learning and Growing to Your Success


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