How to get better rates for moving freight

These three rules are just as good today as they were when they were taught to me: If you don’t set your rate–Someone else will.  No Matter What, there will always be someone else Cheaper.  I would rather be the last man standing, than the first man out. Subscribe to our mailing list 1.  Set […]

OK, I’m Just Gonna Come out and say it–

I have sat here, perplexed at the amount of Coverage on the “March for Our Lives” public protest……For Instance, USAToday put out this story.  Taylor Swift thinks that the cause is so good she donated to a worthy cause of “Marching for Our Lives” which is to push Anti-Firearm Legislation, for those who have been […]

Reader– Question and Answer-

Directed toward NoName, based on envelope addressee: Do you write everything?   So Far, Yes —It is all written by me, except Lot Lizard Lisa.   She actually writes her’s as well.  I have opened this up to allow outside Content with Author Credits for work, however we do not wish it to be published elsewhere, so […]

Becoming a State Authorized Marijuana Transportation Provider

PER READER REQUEST- TO DISCUSS THE MARIJUANA TRANSPORT BUSINESS, AND HOW I WOULD SET UP A BUSINESS, IF I DECIDED THE MARKET WAS WERE I WANTED TO SET UP.  THIS MAY END UP MULTIPLE PARTS.     Due to federal law stating that Marijuana is still a controlled substance, and Federally Illegal–as well as a large […]

Mechanics, and reality of a real mechanic

I have been lucky to be graced with not one but two REAL Mechanics—true craftsmen of the field—Mechanics truly are the lifeblood, doctors if you will, of our mechanized industry…..they keep us moving when things break. They are rarer than you could imagine. I have been in Shops across this country–and even stopped someone from […]

Trucks move freight, not Quotes

Yeah Scott, I use it more and more the longer I am around!!–  It is as true today as it was those years ago–Sit in that desk of yours, and Smile, cause more are coming…… “Can I get a quote?”  patiently asking on a lane we commonly hit inbound for our customers and drivers.  Some […]

Women in the Industry–

Recently, if you are an email subscriber to our Hot Stacks, Blowing Smoke e-newsletter, I passed these two article links to you because of the importance within the news within the industry, and outside thoughts on this highly valuable content. Biz Journals–how we can attract women. The Trucker– Women stakeholders list issues   If you […]

Dynasty Day

March 8 is Dynasty Day—- Dynasty day is for everyone to have the opportunity to be a true DIVA just like Dynasty! JOIN US IN CELEBRATION, by wearing your Royal Crown Jewels TODAY!!! Princesses and Princes only—ALL DAY!!   March 8—time to shine and spread the Cheer—-Dynasty Day is Here Show your Dynasty what it […]