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This was posted by a CEO—–On “…………….. Let’s hope the industry can successfully work with legislators to expand the apprentice program to allow recent high school grads the ability to become interstate truck drivers. With proper emphasis on safety, this can be done. It will be a major fix to the systemic failure that […]

Did You Know?!?!?

Did you know?   3 days is the average amount of food—In Most towns/cities—before running out of the supply— -everything travels by truck at least once, however, most travel 3x per product minimum.— -Class A CDL Operators—have some of the best driving–safety–operations–of any classification of driver.  (that means your insurance should cost you, at least, […]

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Principles of Operations

Operations for the Carrier is more work than you could imagine.  The paperwork, you know, but you must get past the “new eye syndrome” as I call it- and perform.  Perform the function at hand for the men in the field that you are responsible, as of your first day!!  Mentor them, and mold them into better men and women than when you found them!!  Here are some of our personal, tips that helped us—–Hopefully, they help you.

  1. Smaller the fleet, the more personal everyone takes everything.  The larger fleets start placing numbers and not that personal attachment needed at the smaller fleets…As my Granddad would say, “The bigger the foundation, the taller the building.”  In order to build, You must have a solid foundation to build, and smaller fleets build into large organizations—-Build the foundation, nurture it, that way you can build as large as you wish.
  2. Remember they are not here, they do not fully comprehend, and until they are here, do what you can for everyone, but don’t let them control your profits–!!
  3. Dispatching is an Art-  No right or wrong; just preferences on approach—-No one has ever stopped me from deadheading anyone of my fleet under my control; whether it is deadheading from California to the Florida shore, or Hunts Point to Bristol Bay!!  Some might not like it—but they will do it if you ask and explain with enough reason!  Others will just do it cause you asked—–
  4. Dispatch for the Driver, To maximize his earnings— if possible, helping mentor him through your consistent call in’s, check on’s, listening to the way he describes the trip- Needs of the shippers and receiver’s and the blue honda that bout got ran over this morning, doing the 4-wheel thing………Keep them moving and showing profitable actions—and the Fleet will be profitable—-help us decrease the recruiting needs, by giving that solid foundation for growth of all, and desire to improve— better than you found them.
  5. Dispatch are the Leaders for the fleet—Act like one!!……..Clear understanding that if they need you during your off time, it is for a reason!!  Do not be the one who fell asleep, left the driver on the roadside til morning during a breakdown, find a solution before you leave him there:  Down time is everyone’s responsibility!
  6. 15 is the ideal fleet of each dispatcher.  No more than 30 per dispatch……..Whether you have 1 customer or 20 individuals, make sure the one’s earning are representing the owner as they should.  Make sure all paperwork is complete, and night dispatch can get you in case of something major.
  7. Operations will be on call regularly, and must acknowledge the fact work is 24/7 in this industry.  Our drivers work, therefore you must as well.  Lead the ones you are pushing forward toward success.
  8. The business has shunned the drivers–and demanded we stay drivers.   In order to change this takes each person must pursue a future different from the current, and be allowed to think beyond the truck that we are kept locked in for our career.  They must know they are not a number, they are not kept there for the bottom line money they produce, but because they choose to stay—-They must understand the foundation that we lay in front of us, is not the path that we came, but the one that we pursue for the future of our industry.  They must know that we do not accept the minimal performance that give minimal results, but we are guiding based on a successful future —In order to obtain this all must grow and prosper for the whole–learning and building in all aspects—-

    “Pursuit of perfection, even if we do not make it, the world will be better because we tried.” ¹

  9. Honor-  Not because it is easy, but because we refuse to accept anything less–because we refuse to revert to our past of being lied to and lied about–instead we choose the new path of Honor for our customers, for our leaders, for our future students, and for ourselves.  This must also be understood; that this principle is a two way street, You must have both, not one or the other, but both in order to have the leadership, trust, growth, guidance, and strength amongst diversity.  Teams do not allow division, as Robert Greene’s, 48 Laws of Power, states “Divide and Conquer.”  That has happened once, and shall not happen again.—That is the new path without compromising to our past.
  10. Action-  Talk is always cheap, as the words spoken.  Action, whether small or large, is all progression forward.  Even the greatest journey in life, begins with a single tiny step.  No matter if the action is reading a single page in a book, taking a course to better oneself over a year, or learning a new skill that is related or not to the industry; always take action.  That my friends, is the only way to succeed.—ACTION!


“Leave the world better than we found it.” ² 


Detention Fees, Common Practices, Least Paid of Invoiced Fees

Detention is that ugly “D” word—Everyone wants to be paid, tries to profit, yet is the least paid of all fees from the customer………Most just do not even bother……..Shit Don’t pay my detention—Interest, and late fees are a motherfucker when you just loaded a load on one of mine!!!  Bet that detention is paid one […]

First thing I teach to Driver’s about Dispatching

Guys come and say all the time, “No Name, why do you say this——or why teach this_____ first?”  Usually, trying to get someone to see from the other side of the business to where they are needed, and how that corresponds—-typically fall the same lines in the past as it will in the future………….You must […]

Pilot Trial and Some Self Reflection of Reality

I have discussed the Pilot Truckstop investment of Mr. Buffett:  Buffett’s Investment Now I would say that the Investment looks like it is turning itself inside out—-Sweep it under rug—-I figured it would have been better than this—-I still say another truckstop brand would have been a much better investment—–After reading the article below—I would even […]

Extra Earning Ideas, and How to Follow the money

**NOTE–what you are about to read is the forethought, however, I am in no means giving anyone legal nor retirement advise; I am merely trying to educate people that are potential profiteers for their future…….whether it earns or learns or does what ever—-always follow the rules when working on the road……if it is required to […]

Show trucks, the nostalgia of Custom Rides

Yes!!  I know!!  Show Trucks are a huge thing in the States!!!—-  Who couldn’t love the Chrome, Lights shining, Custom Paint, Custom Build-outs, and the ever elusive Chicken Truck–albeit—-with the Super Trucker!! Show trucks—can be pricey—Paint jobs that cost $80k-150k ——-Custom Fenders built by your favorite customizer—–$8,000 Nostalgia and Respect for pulling it off—-Priceless!! Subscribe […]

How to buy a Semi, for long term profits

Long Term profits with a truck is a hard one for a lot of fleets.  Long term means, the owner should over the course of the remaining term of ownership,-  be able to operate the truck through at least a OverHaul, and another 500k half a million) in miles……..I know guys that have done 2 […]

Taking the questions out of maintaining equipment properly

Maintaining equipment and how to do it without the question of what is going on, is really as simple as going back to the basics.  Yes, you remember, the first walk around you ever done completely and by the book?!!!  You remember—-Oh the only one you ever did up to this point…….Damn, at least, be […]

Reader Request-Marijuana Transport

This is a topic that is depending on where you are located—It is on a mainstream public responsive —-line of discussion and debate!!——– Reader Requested a full discussion of various locations with legalized marijuana—This will begin this series of topics concerning the legalization and the transportation business within this industry. Now Understand–States might have legalized […]

Dominate Your Market

It does not matter the market you are in, being a proven service professional, with a carrier means you did something right.   Customers come to you, no hunting for freight trying to get by.  I have seen guys come in and everyone they meet in the field loves them to death, in the office, they […]

Management of the Fleet:

  Management of the fleet:  An inside look- Fleet managers Dispatchers– Their job is the guys they are managing —-needs of the drivers, trucks, and their coverage.  Something happens-Dispatch carries out finding the people who get the trucks back moving-  With the ELD this is one good thing.  They have precise location and view points […]

Brokering: How Brokers and Broker Agents Earn

Brokers are the authorized entities, people or companies- who are the middlemen of the freight industry—-Let’s be frank—-Brokers are the middlemen in any industry—-they are the arbitrage traders-They may have the trucks, and need fast freight to keep going- brokers can get freight—–may need a shipment moved with a shipper—getting the shipper a truck—– Good […]

Criteria—what did you say?!?

CCJ Digital This is their criteria– And I quote:. Following the nomination process, CarriersEdge interviewed human resources representatives and executives from the companies, then graded the fleets in a variety of categories, including compensation, benefits, professional development opportunities and more. Driver feedback was also incorporated into the final score.   Like they say–Curiosity and all—–Driver Feedback random?  […]

Dispatching Software—You paying attention??

Automatic payout- Deposits- Fleet maintenance LogBook Completion Yr Make Model Trailer Comdata/Tchek Integration Fuel Accounts Fleet separation for each one under management Notices to manager pertaining to the Driver necessities Integration with system network, and all have onboard tablets in the trucks Onboard printers and Internet for the guys Email integration for the drivers-  Direct […]