blame game of the media

Blame the trucking industry for higher costs to products!!! here comes the reason to move your price up to rake in higher profits for these guys — Why a new trucking regulation is driving up the cost of produce When you say hey you have to pay for what you get——no fucking wonder the […]

Carrier Operations and the Departments that are Support

Carrier Operations Carrier Operations are the service side of all industries.  They are the Logistical integration, between shipper and receiver, per the desires of the customer.  The customer of this service operation, can be either party, but not limited to these two designations of shipper and receiver.  The customer can also be an outside party.  […]

Economics of Trucking

The economics of this beloved industry is larger than most would even imagine.  These sheer thought and near apprehensiveness that covers over the glazed look that those “bigrigs” are necessary!  They move how much!!   However based on the onset of industry numbers found for the past few years-  Even finding myself—almost shocked and mesmerized […]

Ponder me this!

All across the interweb, we are finding articles about these new services like Convoy, and Uber Freight.  Talking about how they are going to be taking the brokers out of the system, and replacing the “Brokers” with these systemic computer algorithems that revolutionize the computer, trucking, and technology sectors all while creating a more efficient […]

Articles of Interest

We value your opinions!  Tell us what you think and what is actually going to happen!   1.  Sun Shining on Trucking? Is the sun shining and I not catch it rising this morning, or is it that they see rates improving and say “OH Wonderful day!!”   Comment Below #1 before your comment to direct to […]

Ever heard of Heavy Road Use Tax?

Ever Heard of the Heavy Road Use Tax?  2290 Tax?  Heavy Vehicle Usage tax?  Required form 2290 from IRP? The heavy vehicle use tax or HVUT is a fee assessed annually on heavy vehicles operating on public highways at registered gross weights equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds. The gross taxable weight of a vehicle is determined by adding: the actual […]

15 things to do while I deliver freight

Like everyone who travels.  I have some favorite things I always tend to find myself doing in different areas of the country.  My favorite spots, local eats, and sometimes just out right ridiculous things they say don’t do, but we go see what they are talking about anyway.  National Parks and Historic Landmarks-  when growing […]

Service Spotlight: Factoring-the dark world of financial acumen

Now, being in the trucking industry, you hear people speaking about factoring and the service companies that perform the financial task of factoring for the carriers; probably see 3-4 advertisements everyday in some shape or form looking for new customers for these providers on every magazine related to the trucking industry. However, the reality of […]

Tools of the Trucking Business

Every single business and job have their list of tools used within their industries.  Trucking is not excluded.  Our tools as you will see are very specific to the task at hand, and depending on the operation that a trucker is employed may have some additional tools that I may not list.  This is a […]