9 ways of cheating drivers found from Carriers

Being around the business a while you will see all kinds of crazy shit that the carriers do to the drivers and owner operators.  While this tends to be common practice with most; or should I say many, the idea of honest business of yesteryear is showing signs of times past.  However, after realizing that […]

Straight from The Hill

People been telling me I’m fucking nuts, since this bullshit started…. Now “The Hill”, just positively confirmed what these rules will, and can do…..but hey, at least someone with a larger status, than this crazy driver, just gave notice to what could happen. http://thehill.com/opinion/energy-environment/355563-a-new-electronic-logging-rule-could-drive-independent-truckers-off  

Internet and the industry

I am certain you all see the effects and affects of the Internet to our industry.  Even though we are known to behind certain curves of innovation.  One thing is certain, the Internet is changing the industry in leaps and bounds. Qualcomm has been a pioneer of the truck tracking and electronic abilities of the […]

Team operations within a semi

Team operations within a truck, are where the operators are both drivers and operate more on the 24 hour schedule.  One typically sleeps, while the other drives.  These operations tend to move 1000 plus miles over night, they are considered an expedited service, and turn above average rate returns if properly utilized. Doubling the crew […]

Different Businesses of the trucking industry

These are a list of common trucking industry businesses found, and operating.  These include service providers and product providers.  These are common businesses that we use on a daily, weekly timeline within our industry.  Factoring Companies-  These provide funding for invoiced freight bills, issued by the carrier typically.  They can be used for brokers as […]

Way to Improve Fuel Economy

Improving your fuel economy in a diesel operation, means saving money by improving the average fuel rate of burn from the 5 mpg, to anything better to spend less per mile.  These are my sure fire guaranteed ways to improve fuel economy: Idle less-  Idling burns fuel, to maintain the driver area stay a comfortable […]

Why Warren Buffett made solid Investment, but…..

Warren Buffett recently made an investment in the Pilot truckstop chain.  While I believe that this was one of his soon to be top investments, even though the market is overpriced in general, he has the right idea but made the wrong investment in that sector. Where he went wrong, was investing in only the […]

Some Things told to me over my driving career

Ok, I can admit that I am not the easiest person to get along with, nor do I care.  Those that know me, understand me within reason, and know that even though it may not be liked, I am known for just not holding back.  Oh don’t like it………suck that thumb some more, and call […]

LTL, how these loads work and practices

LTL freight is a ballgame, that if properly performed, can be an extremely profitable, and simple to manage.  If done wrong, can create a nightmare, and a headache too big to drive to hospital to fix.  What is LTL, and why do you need to understand the game?  Simple, because running cheap freight to get […]


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Packing list for all new drivers, recommended things to always have available

Alright, you got your CDL, and your heading to your truck.  Get in, put in your bag, and check everything before cranking up to leave out.  This is what I recommend to have in my truck, before Pretrip, and Warm up, for every trip, always on standby. Rand McNally Road Map Trucker Edition Tool box, […]

Truck Driver Training for Driver’s by Drivers

The industry is good about having “on the job” training.  The carriers utilizing this type of paid training, is one of the best training an individual can get.  This requires the driver to be supervised, operating, under experienced supervision, and taught the realistic operations of truck driving. 3 months minimum, in a truck operating with […]

Every company is the same

“Every company is the same, it is just a matter of who’s bullshit you are willing to deal with.”  These words were spoken to me by my closest mentor, and friend.  That one sentence, made more sense to me, after hearing it from time to time, over a period of a few years.   Obviously, I […]

Why truckers should look into safety and DOT field positions

The one’s that know me, know, that if someone would say that shit to me, it wouldn’t be fun anymore for them.  Not a fucking chance.  Nothing against either, but each one and his own. However, for those drivers looking to stay in the industry, serve the public, and desire to put your knowledge of […]

Buying trucks at auction, Inspecting for Quality

Ok, ……. You have heard buying a truck at auction, is the best buying location for the best deal.  Value of the dollar, savings right!  You will have to buy it out, at auction close, in full.  With either your cash, or through immediate funding from some source. Yes and No! Yes, if you know […]

Responsibility versus Liability

Liability is to the public.  Responsibility is to the one controlling the load. The responsible party is the one signing the bill of laden on behalf of the liable company. When a driver picks up the load, he is signing he is responsible for the load and all it’s contents, from one location to another.  […]

Alligator on the shoulder-1

Operating safely in today’s driving environment takes time, patience, and knowledge.  Safe operation on the public roadways is a challenge all on its on. Even with all the challenges it is not impossible. The electronic log device mandate, with hours of service rules, the government is actually creating the shortage by the regulations that are […]