Like everyone who travels.  I have some favorite things I always tend to find myself doing in different areas of the country.  My favorite spots, local eats, and sometimes just out right ridiculous things they say don’t do, but we go see what they are talking about anyway.

  1.  National Parks and Historic Landmarks-  when growing up, this was something I took from my mom; she always took us to these places for vacation and activities for us to always be learning even during our vacation time.  I have been to every state but Hawaii.  There are quite a number of National parks and historic landmarks everyone should see in person.  a)Grand Canyon b)Yellowstone c)Appalachian Trail d) Mount Rushmore e) Indian Reservations-  to talk and learn from the people who have been here before anyone of our ancestors got here by boat f)Hoover Dam (i know a semi cant go across, however take the time to rent a car it is well worth the view to say the least)
  2. Sleep in the Desert on a clear night– On top of the truck
  3. Sleep in the most rural of locations on a backroad —-I have stopped many time to ask farmers if i can park and sleep on their back 40- try it you might just be surprised how many let you.
  4. Stay at a waterfall for a full day doing nothing but feeling the air and listening to the water cascade-
  5. Sleep on a beach overnight– California Oregon and Washington are my top 3
  6. Spend 3 days in Nuevo Laredo, 1 of those by going to Boy’s Town, and another by walking across border to shop/drink/eat
  7. Got to go across to Tijuana as well–I highly discourage the show everyone says you need to see—trust this, you do not need to see it, and the first time I went I immediately exited as fast as I went in as they were chuckling ……….
  8. Eat with a stranger at least once a month without any technology or disruption, to learn about that individual and their history-
  9. Ride a motorcycle as many places as you can-  at least 2x a month
  10. Do something new, that  you did not grow up doing, at least 1x per year
  11. Mentor
  12. Learn new skills while you are stopped.  15 min per day for a full year is enough to master even the most difficult of talents to learn.
  13. Visit Alaska, at least 2x in your life if you are not from there.
  14. Feed a homeless person at least one time, and listen to them speak about where they came from.  Learn from them you may be surprised at the appreciation and the history of more than a few of those that ended up homeless.
  15. Last but not least-Cherish the moments that truly matter, by learning and passing forward knowledge obtained from the people you least expected to teach you something.  Life truly is short, and can pass us all in a blink of an eye.  Give the gift of knowledge to someone who deserves such blessings.  You never know the positive effects that you may breed within a person for their future!  You never know.

These are just some of the things I did while I was on the road, anytime I go back out I do tend to do at least one per trip.  I hope you understand, especially you new drivers, that we do not just sit and drive, we have our things that brings us delight when we get there.   A gypsy knows and understands that they are the face of all those that come after their journey:  represent them to the highest of honors, because you never know when or who that next person could be.

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